Therapeutic exercises is one of the most natural and none invasive ways of correcting the outcome of muscular skeletal or neurological disorder, restore functional capacity and return to a healthy lifestyle.
 In our facility, exercise programs are designed to target patientís specific needs or pathology with respect to his or her age, background, body composition and functional and social goals.  The goals of this program include, but are not limited to:
- Increase strength and endurance
- Improve ambulation
- Release muscle spasms
- Restore pliability of tendons and fascia
- Restore joint mobility
- Improve circulation
- Restore respiratory capacity
- Improve coordination
- Restore balance and equilibrium
- Promote relaxation

Exercise program initially oriented on specific problem area, and progressed to general conditioning with functional emphasis, targeting optimal physical level for each individual.
 Exercise program is beneficial in the treatment of a wide variety of neurological, rheumatologic and metabolic disorders, such as:
- Stroke
- MS
- Parkinsonís Disease
- Osteoporosis
- Diabetes
- Osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis
- And many others
It facilitates growth and fine motor skills, balance and coordination, sensory integration and cognitive processing.


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