Manual therapy is applicable in the treatment of muscular skeletal, respiratory, cardio-vascular and neurological dysfunction in patients of all ages and body types. Manual therapy is a natural therapy technique that in essence allows the body to treat itself.   Manual therapy aims to restore function, balance and endurance, while maintaining proper posture and increasing range of motion.

This treatment method serves individual patient needs and can vary from session to session depending on regressions or improvements.  Once the source of the problem is identified, and specific trigger points are isolated, the body will then begin to heal itself and pain and limitations should subside.

Specific diagnosis that commonly respond well to manual therapy techniques:
  - Back and neck pain
  - Sciatica
  - Postural imbalance (poor posture)
  - Migraines
  - Joint Pain (shoulder, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist/hand)
  - TMJ
  - Strains and Sprains
  - Gastrointestinal problems of mechanical origin?

Manual therapy is an effective alternative to pain medication or more invasive medical procedures including surgeries.

Manual therapy targets the source of pain and dysfunction, not only alleviations of the symptoms.  As such it provides long lasting affects and prevents the occurrence of the pathological condition

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